College Health


In class we keep talking about how your health just doesn’t depend on eating healthy and exercising; however, eating healthy still has a big part on your health. College does not exhibit  great health choices. If you need proof, just look at the food they serve in the cafeteria. Coming from a family where we had more fruits and vegetables on our plate than meat, I often find myself disappointed with the cafeteria food. It seems like the main two options in the café is pizza and burgers, which neither one of them are that great for you. Of course they are both delicious, but they aren’t good for you. It is kind of upsetting how the vegetarian line, which is the healthiest section to eat out of, only has a few items, while the café always serves pizza and burgers. Why doesn’t the café serve healthier food and serve more of it? My plate always consist of a sandwich, something from the vegetarian line, fruit, and a salad. Of course I may get the same thing almost every day, but at least what I have is sort of healthy, which I can’t say the same for some other people. I know people who eat pizza every day for every meal, and they even eat ice cream every day! All this may be due to the famous “Freshman 15“, which every freshman is afraid of. With the discussion in class about how Robeson county has some serious health issues going on, can’t part of it be because of the college student’s poor diets? Just look to see what is close to the college, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Burger King, and two Smoke Shops, which are not exactly picture perfect healthy. I don’t know, this is just something I have been thinking about ever since I came to this college and now I have the opportunity to explore this since our main topic in this class is Health and Wellness. That is all my thoughts for now.


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