Shocking Website


A website that is on the Resource Page on Dr. Lackey’s blog is really shocking to me, maybe because I am not from Robeson County. Just looking at the maps it seems like Robeson County is last or close to last for everything including Health Outcomes (The overall health of the county) and Health Factors. The question in my mind right now is between Robeson, Hoke, and Scotland County, which one is the best health wise? Well, let’s see. For Health Outcomes, Robeson County is ranked 98th, Scotland 89th, and Hoke 49th. For Health Factors, Robeson 100th, Scotland 96th, and Hoke 74th. Therefore it looks like Hoke is the healthiest of the three counties. It was also kind of shocking to see what county I am from is ranked versus a county located right beside it. So let’s do it- Franklin County vs Wake County. Health Outcomes, Franklin 47th, Wake 1st. Health Factors, Franklin 50th, Wake 2nd. CRAZY STUFF! How are two counties right beside each other that far off? That must be the other factors I talked about in my first blog, like your income, and highest education level reached.


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