About Robeson County


I know this was supposed to be posted on Friday, but I have been super busy lately. 😦 Sorry!!!
In class we watched an episode on why Place Matters. Where you live makes a huge difference on your health. It can be as simple as do you feel safe where you live, how much green areas are around, and what food options are around where you live. I was doing some research  on Robeson County and I found some startling facts on the County Health Profile Report. I found out that Robeson County has some high crime rates that are all above state average. Aggravated assault, burglary, murder, and violent crime are a few of the ones that are above state average. So what does crime rates have to do with your health? A LOT! Robeson county is ranked 98th on Health Outcomes out of all the counties in North Carolina. In Place Matters, we learned that if you are stressed about crime in your area that it will also affect your health. Since Robeson County has high crime rates and is ranked low on Health Outcomes Report there must be a similarity between them. Recreation areas are pretty good in Robeson County except for the number of recreation and fitness facilities per 10,000 population which is below the state average. Not being able to go to the park or go to the gym can also affect your health in a negative way. For me, when I exercise, it takes my mind off everything that is stressing me out and lets me focus on something that I love doing. Chronic stress seems to be a big health issue for everyone. In a way you can say that exercising gives me hope. Hope matters because without hope you can feel helpless because you feel like you have no control on your life. Having more recreational facilities can help with that. In Robeson County there are more convenience stores per 10,000 population than grocery stores which introduces “poverty tax”. Poverty tax is where you buy an item from the convenience store than going to the grocery store. At the convenience store you will pay more money for that one item than at the grocery store, but the fact that it is convenient makes people go there than to the grocery store. I can relate to that because I live back in the country and the gas station is less that 5 minutes from my house while the grocery store is 15 plus minutes away. You can pick to over pay a couple of dollars on an item or pay cheaper for an item plus gas to go to the grocery store. See, where you live does matter when you talk about your health.


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