College and Health


I am not quite sure how we got on the subject on class, but we briefly talked about college and how it affects your health. I am learning more and more everyday about how other things affect one’s health besides bad eating and exercising habits. Speaking from experience, I am stressed most of the time, except on the weekends. On the weekdays I am constantly studying, doing homework, practicing, and working out. I would swear that I have one of the busiest and craziest schedules ever. With all the homework I have I find myself staying up later than what I should and then eating some unhealthy midnight snacks. I have been trying hard to stop this, the unhealthy snacking that is. I can’t do anything about the homework because I am a strong believer in procrastinating and waiting till the last minute to do anything. I have been getting fruits like apples and bananas and eating them instead of the oh-so-yummy goldfish extra cheddar snack. I think that the common term Freshman 15 isn’t just about bad eating habits, but also about stress, not enough sleep, and not enough time to exercise for some people. Now some people gain healthy weight at college, like a college athlete that is gaining muscles. I wonder if the average “Freshman 15” includes healthy weight gains? Due to the fact that I have set super high goals for me to reach both academically and athletically, I have been stressed and will probably remained stressed out till the year ends, but at least I know that since I am in college I will have the chance to live longer than someone who didn’t go to college.


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  1. I think the Freshman 15 is related to unhealthy weight gains only. There’s nothing bad about gaining healthy weight like muscle but when people start throwing the term Freshman 15 around it’s always negative, and I agree that the unhealthy eating habits and crazy schedules are definitely not helping, especially the cafe food. Although you might have set high goals for yourself, most others around you probably haven’t, laziness or just not caring will do that to you.

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