Oral History on Javelin


When my professor said you could find an Oral History Report on anything, I had my doubts. Not many people know about the Track and Field Javelin event so I typed it into Google and surprisingly found one! George A. Hodak did a report on an Olympian in Track and Field named Malcolm W. Metcalf who is known for his impressive Javelin skills. I think the audience for this is for young aspiring athletes who maybe want to go to the Olympics since he gives a lot of advice in this interview like to not ever lose sight of your dream. While reading this, it made me giggle a lot because we are similar in a lot of ways. For instance, how we both started out playing a different sport before we got involved in track, he was in football while I was in softball. I like how Hodak kept asking interesting questions that went along with what Metcalf was telling us. I like how I now know what he went through, how the meets went for him, how he became an Olympian, and I just basically enjoyed learning his life story.


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