Chicken Nuggets Are Evil!


So in class we talked about a girl who ate chicken nuggets everyday from McDonalds. Which is crazy, because everytime I eat a meal from Mickey Ds I get a tummy ache. First of all, my parents would never ever ever ever let me eat fast food item everyday even if I begged, cried, or threw a fit. I agree with everything that was discussed in class like bad parenting, etc. This also goes along with my other blog post right below this one when I was talking about McDonald’s food being bad for you. there are probably a lot of chemicals in those chicken nuggets and she is consuming this everyday? No wonder she just got rushed to the hospital. Hopefully, her parents will make her change her eating habits or else she might die before her parents. She is only 17, not even an adult yet, so COME ON parents! Whip her into shape!


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