Portfolio 1


For my English Portfolio, we have to interview someone about their opinion about Health and Wellness in the community they live in, write a summary, and write a reflection. I am pretty much done with everything except my reflection, I don’t have the 5 page requirement yet; however, the activity we did in class will help me get there in no time. I have learned a lot by doing this portfolio about health in Robeson County and conducting research. Portfolio 1 has been tough, not work wise, but the fact that I had to get out of my comfort zone wise. Interviewing someone I hardly knew about Health and Wellness was hard, especially trying to come up with extra questions to ask them. If I could do this project over again, I would redo the interview. While I was replaying the interview, I noticed how I asked some stupid questions, and yes, in this case there is such thing as stupid questions. It was also hard for me to ask follow up question since my interviewee elaborated so much on every question I asked him. I wrote down information that I found about Robeson County; however, I never got the chance to actually use the “fun facts” in the interview. I think the interview would have went better if I asked more questions, but at the time my mind was drawing a blank and I couldn’t think of any questions.


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