In the beginning of class we had a discussion about spanking kids. Tell you the truth, I got spanked all the time, even for stuff I didn’t even do (glory of having a sibling). In a study done in Canada they saw that spanking children can cause long-term developmental damage and may even lower a child’s IQ. In this case, I guess my parents spanked me just enough so I wouldn’t have these long-term effects. I think this study is just for Canadians because Americans are different in the spanking world. I remember in the Elementary school that if you got in trouble the principal would bring out a paddle and spank you. Guess what? After you got spanked once by that, you never got in trouble again. What the moral of this blog? Well the reason why people think the upcoming generation is “disrespectful” might be due to the fact that everyone is against discplinig their children.


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