say what?


An article was written about West Hoke County Elementary School. A girl’s mom packed her a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, chips, and apple juice and sent her child on her way to school. At school a “Food Inspector” declared this girl’s lunch as unhealthy and had to eat chicken nuggets instead and her mom got a bill. In my opinion, this lunch is more than healthy! I remember in Elementary School that my mom would pack me fruits and vegetables, but I would never eat them. I would normally trade them around for some goldfish or something. I am just kidding! My mom volunteered at the Elementary School so I was always afraid of her walking in the cafe and seeing me not eating the fruits and vegetables she packed for me.
If I was this child’s mom, I would REFUSE to pay that bill, even though it is only a dollar and a few cents. The lunch is overall healthy, you have to pack something in there that actually tastes pretty good, like the chips. Just the fact that this girl had to instead eat chicken nuggets, which are OH SO HEALTHY (NOT!), blows my mind. I would be totally pissed. Obviously, the food inspector was having a bad day and decided to take it out on the kids. Who knows?


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