Childhood Obesity (Another View)


I was online searching for articles to support my paper about childhood obesity and sports. I found a very interesting article that is taking another view on preventing childhood obesity. It is talking about how technology, such as television, increases the chances of one becoming obese. I have to admit that I watch tv whenever I am in my room; before practice, after practice, before I go to sleep, etc. A quick summary of the article is as follows (Can be found in the result’s section):

“The reviewed studies showed the following: television watching replaces more vigorous activities; there is a positive correlation between time spent watching television and being overweight or obese on populations of different age; obesity prevalence has increased as well as the number of hours that TV networks dedicate to children; during the last 30 y, the rate of children watching television for more than 4 h per day seems to have increased; children are exposed to a large number of important unhealthy stimulations in terms of food intake when watching television; over the last few years, the number of television food commercials targeting children have increased especially when it comes to junk food in all of its forms; the present use of food in movies, shows and cartoons may lead to a misconception of the notion of healthy nutrition and stimulate an excessive intake of poor nutritional food; and obese subjects shown in television programmes are in a much lower percentage than in real life and are depicted as being unattractive, unsuccessful and ridiculous or with other negative traits and this is likely to result in a worsening of the isolation in which obese subjects are often forced. The different European countries have different TV legislations.”

Watching tv does take up a lot of time, especially when your show comes on, like Dance Moms on Tuesdays and 9:00 SHARP! there has alos been times when I needed to do something, but one of my favorite movies comes on, and what do I do? I watch that movie instead of doing what I need to do. This is an incredible article, that I will put into my paper somehow.



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