Brainstorming Time.. Hana Style


In my paper I would like to include the other side of my argument since it is already pretty easy finding articles about childhood obesity and playing sports. I would love to be able to find some article with opposing viewpoints. I found a book; however someone has already checked out this book from UNCP library and to be honest, who has time to read a whole darn book? I sure don’t.

I am going to start by opening up google scholar and UNCP database. check.

typing “childhood obesity” check.

not sure what else to type so I pull up normal google for inspiration. check

physical activity does not prevent obesity. check

found a couple of websites.. not sure if they are credible quite yet; however I will look more into them later. check

scratch that.. I just found one website. check a roo.

came by an interesting website by chance –

I forgot to say check.. so check.

back to the 1st article I found… check

written in 2006.. not too bad… check

seems pretty knowledgeable; however, I will keep searching for a newer and fresher article tomorrow.

this concludes my brainstorming… time to get some sleep and give my brain a rest!



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