Reflection of This Week


Let’s be honest, I have done nothing this week except for my blog work. We just got finished with exam week and now it’s spring break so I am being on the lazy side, I will admit it. I have found some very interesting articles that I have bookmarked because I am too lazy to read the whole article now while I am on my short break some stressful college. I did one annotated bibliography and posted it as a blog and now I am typing my 3rd blog. I had a little trouble with citing my annotated bib, but I think I did it right after googling and following the example my professor gave us in class. I have learned a lot about childhood obesity just by doing my one source so far. In the future I need to find more sources and annotate them. I am trying to prevent myself from procrastinating as mush as possible. Since I did not do much this week, that is all I have to write about.


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