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In elementary school, 1 in 7 kids are considered obese and by the time they reach 4th grade 1 in 5 will be obese.  This is due to the fact that kids are not being as active as they should. In PE class, some kids are not even able to stay active for 30 minutes, when Elementary School Students should be receiving 150 minutes of physical activity a week. “The thing I notice is that the amount of time kids can sustain a moderate-to-vigorous physical activity is just monumentally lower,” says Pete Ellis, who has taught P.E. for nine years, the past four at Easterling Primary in Marion, a school of 800 kindergartens, first and second-graders. Pete Ellis says, “Something as simple as running two laps around the track — that can be brutal for kids. These younger kids, they do some running, some skipping, some galloping; and after a minute and a half, they’re ready to pass out.”  It is really hard for kids to achieve this goal due to the school they go to, like some schools don’t even have gyms for the students to run around and play in. Cutbacks and budget cuts in PE is a key factor in child health issues. The minimum amount of PE is 35 minutes a week, while the goal is 90 minutes. Less than half of Elementary schools were meeting this goal and there was no punishment for them not meeting it. The No Child Left Behind act increase class time so kids can achieve better standardized test scores; however, this also decreased PE class along with art and other electives. With this, teachers had to get more creative in the classroom and stop class work to get some exercise in. One teacher did an indoor fitness trail which had her students running up and down stairs, along with other physical activities. It is a proven fact that a healthy child is a more productive student; therefore, physical education is very important in the education system.

This is a very useful source because ESPN is a verified site and it is a primary source from an Educator. This article contains information from various well-known people who have experience and knowledge in the area of obesity and physical activity. The goal of this source is to inform society about what is going on in schools and that the fact that elementary students are not getting the physical activity that they need is affecting them.

Fainaru-Wada, Mark. “Critical Mass Crisis: Child Obesity.” ESPN, 26 Mar. 2009. Web. 13 Mar. 2012. <;.


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