this week’s reflection


This week I have been working hard to at least have a rough draft for every source. I have also started my review of literature. This portfolio is taking longer than I thought it would, but I am trying to get a rough draft of everything by Tuesday so I can send it to my group members for my interview on Thursday. I officially have all eight of my sources and I will probably look for some more if I find the time and have a little of my review of literature. I am planning on finishing a very rough draft of it by tomorrow. I am looking forward to the conferences so I can see what I need to improve and work on and so I can help the others in my group as well. This week has been my hardest week yet working on this, probably because this is the first real week of doing so. I am just glad that I am almost done and almost stress free for a while (well, just for this class that is).


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