Required Blog post


I need to revise my annotated bibliography and review of literature and put my own personal voice in it more. I feel that I have a lot of good facts and supporting evidence to support what I am arguing, I just want to put it more in my own personal words. My audience is parents and other adult figures so that they can help make a change and prevent this epidemic. I feel like I paraphrased and used quotes efficiently in my paper and I made sure that I cited everything, matter of fact, I probably cited too much. As of right now I will give myself a C because I am not yet done with revising them, but I feel that once I get done doing that I will have a pretty awesome paper to turn in. I am sad to admit that I have not yet started on my reflection, but since I have been writing a reflection every week for a blog post, I should be able to whip it up in no time.


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