Beginning My Reflection


This is just bullet points of what I want to say/cover in my reflection paper.

  • Why the music? I had many songs I had to chose from like Wake Up and Get Back Up, but the song I knew for sure that I wanted to use was Allstar by Smashmouth. I was struggling to find a 2nd song to use and then it just came to me. Well, to be honest, my friend was singing it at one of the track meets and it got stuck in my head so I decided to google it and it fit my project perfectly, the song called Up Up Up. I chose these two songs because they have a nice fun beat and the lyrics go with my topic. I also play Rocky song during the beginning of my video to me running just to have some humor in it.
  • Why the video clips? I decided to do something a little different and have film of me and my friends showing different ideas one can do to achieve the 60 minutes of physical activity everyday. If you want to chnage someone’s mind about physical activity you need to be the one out there showing them, “hey! this is fun!” or else they won’t really believe you.
  • Audience? I did my project on childhood obesity and the best way to prevent it is my physical activity; however, obesity is a huge problem that we are facing today so I felt like I shouldn’t just make this for children, I should make this for everyone because everyone needs to get out and get active. Parents can go play with their kids, their friends, or by themselves. I made this video so that both children and adults can do it.

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