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So last night I finished my video and saved it as a file on my  computer, only to wake up in the morning and teh file to be corrupted and not play on my laptop anymore “/ I don’t know what to do! I called one of my friends and he said he still had one of the previous versions on his flashdrive.. but that means I just lost all those countless hours I have been spending on it “/ Honestly, I am just ready to throw my laptop out of my window and say PEACE!


I have noticed….


I have noticed that people are having trouble exporting their video and I did too at first till a friend showed me how to do it. The way I did it wasnt that hard. All I did was go to file, save as, then you chose save to computer or save for email. Once you save it as a computer file just copy and paste it to your flashdrive. Or you could email it to yourself.

Beginning My Reflection


This is just bullet points of what I want to say/cover in my reflection paper.

  • Why the music? I had many songs I had to chose from like Wake Up and Get Back Up, but the song I knew for sure that I wanted to use was Allstar by Smashmouth. I was struggling to find a 2nd song to use and then it just came to me. Well, to be honest, my friend was singing it at one of the track meets and it got stuck in my head so I decided to google it and it fit my project perfectly, the song called Up Up Up. I chose these two songs because they have a nice fun beat and the lyrics go with my topic. I also play Rocky song during the beginning of my video to me running just to have some humor in it.
  • Why the video clips? I decided to do something a little different and have film of me and my friends showing different ideas one can do to achieve the 60 minutes of physical activity everyday. If you want to chnage someone’s mind about physical activity you need to be the one out there showing them, “hey! this is fun!” or else they won’t really believe you.
  • Audience? I did my project on childhood obesity and the best way to prevent it is my physical activity; however, obesity is a huge problem that we are facing today so I felt like I shouldn’t just make this for children, I should make this for everyone because everyone needs to get out and get active. Parents can go play with their kids, their friends, or by themselves. I made this video so that both children and adults can do it.

In class


In class today we watch some emotional videos that were both sad and funny. The texting and driving video that we watched really got to me, even though I have seen that video thousands of times. My high school always did this thing before prom so we know not to drink or text while driving. It was really moving because they had a car outside that you could see, a coffin, and other items (I wasn’t there during this part of the day because I had to leave early for a track meet). During the first part of the day, we had to sit and listen to parents, siblings, and friends stand up and talk about their family member that they lost due to texting or drinking while driving. Parents who got up there and started crying because they lost their child on prom night and there was a girl who texted her sister “okay” and while she texted that she got into a wreck. It is very sad, and everyone had tears in their eyes when it was over.

These Public Service Announcements really hit at home because they focus on one aspect and only one. The texting and driving video focused on emotional aspect while the “I give a Damn” focus more on the credible and well-known speakers. Focusing on just one of these aspects really makes the viewer see what they are trying to talk about. It also helps you remember it better and it catches your attention.

In my video I am aiming for emotion as well, but not the sad emotion. My video is based on humor because physical activity is meant to be fun and exciting. I am trying to promote physical activity and try to get more people to get outside and get active, so there is no reason why I need the sad emotion. I need it to seem like it is fun to do, so that is why I am going for a funny video that gets the audience to get outside and to get active. The video that I aim aiming for is this one, one that is funny, yet serious at the same time.

How many calories do you burn?


I have been wondering lately how many calories do you burn while doing simple activities? I found this website that allows you put in how long you did it and it will determine how many calories you burned; however, websites cannot accurately determine how much calories you burn because it is a website and not an actual person hooking you up to machines. It is just like the online BMI tests. An athlete who has more muscle can be seen has overweight on those charts even though he or she is average weight and does not look overweight at all.

In Class Presentation


I feel like my presentation went well. I really like all the feedback and suggestions I received from my classmates. One paper said that I should reverse the order I had it in, like video then information and make it into information then video. I am going to play around with that some this week and see how it turns out. Overall, I think it was a pretty good day for me since I was one of the first ones to go. I can’t wait till I see the rest of the videos!!!! 🙂



I found this website that is aimed at my ideal audience. It is for anybody influential in a child’s life, which is what my video audience is. The author chose this text so the people who are influential in a child’s life can help prevent this epidemic of obesity. You can tell by what the author is talking about, mainly to educators, and the website it is on. They also use big words. The author gives game ideas to increase physical activity, which is what my video does.