Rough Draft of Video


So far, so good with my video. It is coming along great. I just need to pt in some facts and I will be in good shape. It is still nowhere near done, but at a pretty good point for my presentation on thursday. I can’t wait till I show it! The only problem I have had was actually working with the program since I have never made a video before and I didn’t know how tedious it was.




I found two videos that inspired me. The first one includes a lot of facts and information and I like how she incorporated them into the movie. The next one is the one I like the most, because it is entertaining to watch. In my video, I want it to be entertaining so that the viewers will remember what they watch. My audience, like these videos, will be America and who ever is influential when it comes to physical activity.



If I am going to be completely honest, I would have to say that I have used information from the internet unethical before. I don’t think that current copyright laws work well in the digital composing environment because there are still many laws being broken by people. I think this is because people do not know all the laws. I think that if people are going to enforce the laws, then the people should have better knowledge of what the law is. The only thing that I would change would be the amount of money people have to get pay when they get caught, just because some people may not know they are breaking a law.

Nice knowing you portfolio 2


Portfolio 2 is finally complete, all I have to do is send it to my professor. This portfolio and I have had a love-hate relationship, I wanted to procrastinate, but it wouldn’t let me, but needless to say, I had fun researching and discovering my topic. I am excited for portfolio 3 because  I just like doing things with technology. I have never made a YouTube video before, so i am not sure how it is going to come out in the end, but I know I will have fun doing it. I already have many ideas on what I want to do in my video. I am aiming for a video that is fun to watch and will get people’s attention so they can stop this epidemic. In my video I am aiming for adults who have children and can make a difference. I am very excited to get started.

Pink Slime


The other day my boyfriend and I were super hungry and low on cash, so we went to McDonalds. We shared chicken nuggets and french fries. I havn’t had chicken nuggets in a long time and I took a bite and all I have to say was that I was not missing much. The chicken nugget didn’t really taste like chicken at all, then I remembered all about the Pink Slime I have been blogging about for a while and then lost my appetite. I was surprised though while reading this article, because I thought that the Pink Slime was only in fast food, but it is in all food chains like grocery stores, etc.. The article states,

“Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the retail giant that sells significantly more food than any other chain, said Wednesday that its Walmart and Sam’s Club stores will begin selling meat that doesn’t contain the additive. It did not say it would stop selling beef with the filler altogether.

On Thursday Wal-Mart updated its statement to say that it will have new products in stores as quickly as possible, and that its meat department and customer service staffers will tell customers who inquire about the new meat offerings.”

I was surprised to find out that grocery stores were also including this in their meats. Only two grocery stores didn’t include this in their meats. “Whole Foods, A&P and Costco said they have never sold beef products with the additive.”

Required Blog post


I need to revise my annotated bibliography and review of literature and put my own personal voice in it more. I feel that I have a lot of good facts and supporting evidence to support what I am arguing, I just want to put it more in my own personal words. My audience is parents and other adult figures so that they can help make a change and prevent this epidemic. I feel like I paraphrased and used quotes efficiently in my paper and I made sure that I cited everything, matter of fact, I probably cited too much. As of right now I will give myself a C because I am not yet done with revising them, but I feel that once I get done doing that I will have a pretty awesome paper to turn in. I am sad to admit that I have not yet started on my reflection, but since I have been writing a reflection every week for a blog post, I should be able to whip it up in no time.

Reflection of this week


I have had a super busy week this week, I strongly believe all my professors got together and decided to give me a million pounds of work the next couple of weeks. I am proud to say that I am really close on being done, I just need to revise all my work which I am going to do in the following week. the only problem i have had to face is procrastination and lazyness. the bibliography took SUPER long and I just got tired messing with it after a while and I am and will always be a procrastinator. I am really excited to be able to turn this in on next Tuesday.