Reflection of this week


This week, I have been lazy. I haven’t really done that much towards my Portfolio due to the fact that it was spring break and I was in desperate need of a mental break. This coming week I am going to get busy working on my annotations and try to make sure that I do not procrastinate, which I always do. While on Spring Break, the articles that I requested finally came in so I am going to post some rough annotations/summaries on them. I quickly scanned them and they are really good and informative. A book also came in. I don’t quite remember requesting it, but I got an email saying it is ready for pick up. I will probably pick it up around Wednesday and flip through it to see if it worth reading, since it is a freaking book. I am enjoying blogging about my portfolio because now my reflective overview will be easy to write since I have already wrote a lot of things on here. All I am saying is that this week = no more lazy Hana.


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